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China’ Mighty “One Belt,One Road” Initiative

If Britishers controlled the world with their Military might, China is all set to rule the world with its Economy might and key is One Belt,One Road Initiative. I have travelled to China thrice and I am witness to that. According to the differentiation of an institution Lowy «(political), the aim is to promote economic leadership in Beijing through a broad program to build infrastructure in all the surrounding regions of China» and «public political analysts take note of this initiative in high degree through the lens of geopolitics. Have to try Beijing to gain political influence on its neighbors «and» there is no doubt that this is part of the Beijing strategic account. »

This may be the case in public opinion, however, taking into account the history of the parties, we believe that the «policy of the belt» is a collection of experiences before British imperialism worldwide in the United Kingdom. 19th Century. If the British had conquered the world through military force, «a strap and a road,» China will take over the world with power from the economy by providing free or police assistance, infrastructure, schools and hospitals for free … in exchange for allowing them. Chinese companies open banks and factories in all government services. In addition, most state-produced products are first purchased as a source of subsidies and grants. It is easily seen through conditional assistance for Venezuelan oil, rice in Thailand and bananas in the Philippines … and more. Political years for many years will make their economy totally dependent on China’s investment.

One day, if more than 50% of the workers in these countries work for Chinese companies, how do you think about political values? What is important in many countries wishing to join the «one-way one-way» initiative is the strength of China’s economy and improving the standard of living for the majority of its people. This standard of living will be improved with more and more initiatives year after year. When these things are over, nobody knows. It is easy to see how Vietnam is growing rapidly over the people before joining the initiative. Ask a boat visit, he will tell you all about the past and ask Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh for the future. There are several Chinese motorcycles coming in Ho Chi Minh City than before and other countries selling motorcycles in Vietnam. The policy was also based on foreign experience in the 1960s and 1970s. How much has the United States spent on political influence in the world during the Cold War. Billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money has been spent and the government is not getting any answer. Who made all the money? Even though the US government still uses it. Under the heading «A single roadblock», the money spent as foreign aid and investment company in those countries is returned to the Chinese government chest.

The Chinese government has not only the political and economic value of these countries, but also has great advantage. Under the plan, the Chinese government not only strengthens for years, but also makes China in China happier by raising the living standards of its people. Unlike the United States, relying on the accumulation of deficits, the Chinese government must not borrow from any organism because it is the richest country in the world and will be enriched in the future. Most importantly, it also takes into account the uncontrolled expenditure policy and uncontrolled public spending and Japanese companies under Japanese economic expansion. How much does Japan spend on billions if billions of investments are not removed? The Japanese lost their fate in the 1970s and 1980s and became the most indebted nation in terms of GDP. The Chinese government and businesses are now investing only in companies that can generate immediate returns on their principles or help improve their parent company’s products or services. This will ensure that they will keep their losses to a minimum or they will not disappear altogether.

Reviewing the Constitution to Let China Become Xi Jinping, the Head of Department of the CPC is a guide and determine the current system to ensure that initiatives can be implemented and executed at least after the era of Xi. Jane Bing The year after the implementation of the «belt and track» initiative, if successful, would change the global power balance with China in the far east’s dominance, including Pakistan, South America and Africa

Ratnesh Dwivedi Institutional Representative of SECINDEF (Security Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism in the India and collaborating analyst of OCATRY (Observatory against the Terrorist Threat and the Jihadist Radicalization) Scholar,Amity School of Communication,Amity University,Uttar Pradesh,India. Journalist / Acdemic / Writer and NASA Certified Educator