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SECINDEF and INISEG sign an agreement with COVINTS (Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions) in India, for anti-terrorist training.

SECINDEF, (Security, Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism, INISEG (International Institute for Global Security Studies) and COVINTS / Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions (Tradecrafting Information Into Solutions) establish a collaboration agreement to establish a Training Center on Terrorism, Intelligence and International Security in India.


About Us

Covert Overt Intelligence Solutions, COVINTS is an Indian defense company, focused on delivering customized turnkey solutions from Risk Analysis, Defense Systems and Equipments to Training, tailored to design our customers’ most challenging needs. At COVINTS we pride ourselves on our ability to work under the critical situations, whilst maintaining the superlative standards and delivering the optimal solutions.

From Military Equipment to Training, Defense and Crime Science Studies to Research, High-tech Surveillance and Intelligence Solutions to Access Control, Perimeter and Ingress Solutions to Ancillary Installation Materials, all integrated with leading edge Command & Control Intelligence Systems. Our teams are focused on delivering essential Counter-Terrorism, Cyber Operations, Intelligence, Crime Science, and C4ISR Solutions to our clienteles throughout the National and International security community.






The Team

COVINTS has partnered with global leading companies and organizations; have internal as well as global team members of subject matter experts from Defense, Law & Enforcement Agencies, Crime Science Professionals, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, and Policy-Makers.

Our Expertise

We welcome you to participate in our training programs which are cutting edge technology and based on real time situations, such as:

  • Complex Decision Making
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Crime Science
  • Cyber Operations
  • Homeland Security
  • Psychological Warfare Operations


Master in Counter-Intelligence, International Geostrategy and Jihadist Terrorism.

At present, the conflicts that are being raised in the Middle East, Geo-Political and Geo-Strategic become crucial.

The design of Master Degree along with training has been established through a multidisciplinary approach to be able to encompass concepts, methods and technicians and thus integrate Security, Strategy and Operability of whatever the nature of the different entities, especially those working against terrorism.

At the end of this Master’s Degree, the student will be prepared for decision-making focused on Strategic Planning and International Geopolitics, knowing how Intelligence services work in the fight against jihadist terrorism.

In addition, this Master degree can be completed with the specialization course in “Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism”, in which you can put into practice all the knowledge learned during the course, in addition to being able to visit the different conflict zones.

Main goal

This master’s degree in Research is designed to provide the student with extensive knowledge of Military issues, National Security, Defense Policy, Modern Defense Theory, Conflicts and International Politics, Intelligence Services, Terrorism and Organized Crime, Military Industry and Economy among others.

The Master’s main objective is the highly qualified training of professionals and experts, regardless of their level or position in the Decision-Making Structure, focused on Strategic Planning and International Geopolitics, knowledge of the Operation of Intelligence Services in the fight against Terrorism.

Few of the specific learning objectives :
♦   Master the key concepts related to Geo-Strategy, Geo-Politics, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism.
♦   To know the origins and recent evolution of the main conflicts in the fight against Jihadist terrorism.
♦   The Islamic State: Origins, Development and Threats from the Geostrategic Perspective of the Conflict. The Secret War in Syria and the Russian military intervention in the war against Jihadist terrorism.
♦   Analysis of Geostrategy and Geopolitics in the Middle East.
♦   A Strange War: What does the US Spend $ 9 Million a Day on its struggle against the Islamic State?
♦   Historical and Geostrategic analysis of the Western Chaos Policy in the Middle East.
♦   Establishment of an “Anti-DAESH Exclusion Zone” in Syria.
♦   The geopolitics and strategy of Turkey in its support for the terrorists of the Islamic State in the Syrian war.
♦   Latin American jihadists caught in the ranks of the Islamic State and the Islamist threat in Latin America.
♦   THE MYTH (Islamic Movement of Eastern Turkestan): a whole reality (analysis of Islamist terrorism in China).
♦   Current Conflict in the Middle East.
♦   Analysis of Intelligence against the fight against Jihadist terrorism.
♦   The Pieces of Syrian Puzzle: Geopolitics and Security.
♦   Analyze the typology of modern war threats in the International Geo-Strategic framework.
♦   Assess and weigh the influence of International Terrorism and Organized Crime on the security of Nations.
♦   Understand the concepts of National Defense and Defense Policy, as well as the competent institutions of its management.
♦   To know the fundamental concepts of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence.
♦   To know what the intelligence community is and to know the national and foreign information and intelligence services.
♦   To learn the techniques of investigation in the area of the sciences of the security.
♦   Successfully overcome the tests and criteria set by the teachers of the program.
♦   Demonstrate research sufficiency through the preparation and presentation of a Master’s Degree Project.

For more description, visit: www.iniseg.in