# Noticias

SECINDEF firma un acuerdo de colaboración en materia antiterrorista con (Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance) en Alemania.

SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism, firma un acuerdo de colaboración conn CNT-Alliance ((Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance) para potenciar proyectos en formación y servicios en materia antiterrorista en Alemania.

Muchos de los ataques terroristas en el mundo occidental tienen su origen en el crimen internacional relacionado con las drogas. La Alianza contra el Narco Terrorismo en Alemania, esta formado por un grupo de especialistas de inteligencia independientes. Recopila, analiza, resume y distribuye información sobre el narcoterrorismo y el terrorismo en general. Nuestro objetivo es prevenir el narco terror y el terrorismo, para un mundo más seguro.



SECINDEF Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism is a company dedicated to consulting, training and the provision of services in the fields of Security, Intelligence and Defense.

The company was created to meet the challenges arising from increased specialization and the needs of physical and logical security in both developed and emerging economies while being specialized in Islamic terrorist movements.

We have a Global scope with offices in Israel and Spain, and capacity for development of projects in Europe, Central and South America, Middle East and Africa.

SECINDEF provides the knowledge and skills to perform these services and provide products responding to the needs that our customers may require.

SECINDEF is a consultant that provides services in training and counter-terrorism and intelligence services in Spain, USA, Israel, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, México, Paraguay, Perú, Romania, Serbia, France, Holanda, Alemania, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Nigeria and India, through institutional representations.