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SECINDEF incorpora al equipo de investigación e inteligencia contraterrorista de Israel a Lior Nedivi, de la Policía Nacional de Israel

SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism incorpora a Lior Nedivi como colaborador y miembro del equipo de SECINDEF en Israel para llevar a cabo proyectos en temas de contraterrorismo y contrainteligencia a nivel de Seguridad Internacional frente a la amenaza del terrorismo yihadista.

Lior Nedivi procede de la Policía Científica, Policía Nacional de Israel. 

Arson investigation level 1, Division of Identification and Forensis Science, Israel police.

Safety inspector, Safety Division, Israel police. HAZMAT incident commander, Ministry of Environmental Protection. Passport control officer, Israel police. Advance police officers course, Israel national police. Basic police officers course, Israel National Police.

Owner, Advanced Forensic Science Services, Israel. Giving consultation & expert testimony in the fields of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and Firearms examination. Different managing positions at ZOKO Enterprises Ltd. Including: Service & project manager at the Israeli Caterpillar division, Customers service manager at the central logistic center and manager of the central district warehouse.

Superintendent, Criminal Identification & forensic Science officer, Zion sub-district, district of Jerusalem, Israel national police.  Leading a team of 7 Crime Scene Investigators, in all types of crime scenes. Getting a national record breaking number of 12% in revealing the identity of criminals by their finger prints. Processing over 35 terrorist’s related crime scenes. (Suicide bombers, car bombs, shooting incidents) Holding a Research degree level B which equivalent to a senior lecturer’s research degree. Patrol & passport control officer, Allenby station, SHAY district, Israel national police. Firearms examiner, DIFS – Division of Identification & Forensic Science, Israel national police HQ. Holding a Research degree level C which equivalent to a doctor’s research degree.