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SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) incorpora como Representante Institucional en Canadá a Raymond Wellington

SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism incorpora a Raymond Wellington como Representante Institucional en Canadá para llevar a cabo proyectos en temas de contraterrorismo y contrainteligencia a nivel de Seguridad Internacional frente a la amenaza del terrorismo yihadista.

Raymond Wellington: Security Consultant, Analyst, Middle East and Africa, Security and Defence Industry (Independent Consultant, Security and Defence)

A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Army Reserves, he has experience in a variety of countries covering Central America to the Middle East and Africa for over two decades. His professional experience and areas of expertise includes: security management; DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration); new technologies, languages; frontline; frontline observations and analyses; close protection (CP); procurements and sourcing (e.g. equipment, aerospace, oil, defence, security, and personnel) as related to NGOs, reporting/journalism; private and government sectors; establishing and developing operations and training projects; country risk assessments/analyses; socio-geo-political analyses; military analyses; intelligence; private security company assessments, internal reviews and investigations; proposal writing; business development; marketing, and media and public relations; research; surveys and threat assessments, risk tracking; hostage negotiation; liaising, liaison officer.