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SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence & Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism, a Consultancy Agency devoted to the provision of training and services in the fields of Intelligence and Counterterrorism, seeks an Institutional Representative to open training projects and services and reach cooperation agreements with institutions and universities in the United Kingdom.

People interested (UK citizens as well as Spanish citizens living or working in the UK and preferably in London) can send an email to david.decaixal@secindef.com or juanalarcon@secindef.com. Contact can also be made by LinkedIn looking for David Odalric De Caixal i Mata or Juan José Alarcón Riubanys, respectively, SECINDEF General Manager and Deputy General Manager.


SECINDEF was born to meet the challenges resulting from increased needs and specialization of physical and logical security, in both developed countries and emerging economies, and it features the distinctive trait of being specialized in Islamic terrorist movements.

Our scope is no other than to be GLOBAL. Consequently, we have offices in Spain and Israel for the provision of services along with the capacity to carry out projects in Europe, South and Central America, Africa and the Middle East.

We provide the required knowledge and expertise to deliver these services and offer quality products matching the needs of ever more demanding customers.


SECINDEF’s primarily aim is to become providers of knowledge, services and products in the fields of Security, Intelligence and Defense and to do so in an efficient and responsible manner, covering present and future needs.


We want also support customers and global markets, meeting their expectations and improving their resources and capabilities to minimize risks in a complex and dynamic environment.


SECINDEF wants to assists customers to cover their multiple needs in our field of expertise providing ethical solutions in an innovative way, with the stated purpose of making our world safer not just for us but for our future generations.


The reason behind the creation and establishment of OCATRY (Observatory against the Terrorist Threat & Jihadist Radicalization) was the need for having a theoretical basis to carry out analyses about the level of radicalization of the various Islamist agents in the region of Catalonia in a first stage, in Spain and Europe in a second and a third stage.


Firstly, to study the different regions and areas, previously analyzed, which feature a greater presence of Islamist radicalization. Secondly, to assess the degree of Islamist radicalization in order to evaluate and map out the spread of Salafism in Catalonia, a region that gathers numerous Salafi worship centers and Islamic associations connected to this ideology.


WHAT FOR? Detection and monitoring of radicalized sites and places as well as potential recruitment centers. Such valuable information needs to be shared with Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Services.

WHOM FOR? Citizens are our main concern. Special focus must be placed on prevention measures aimed at those people more prone to be seduced and recruited by radicals.

WHERE TO ACT? After determining which areas gathers the highest concentration of radicalism, law enforcement actions must be carried out directly on them, preceded by local control and infiltration.

HOW TO ACT? Primarily actions should include categorization of levels of radicalism; conducting surveys on Islamic associations and its centers of worship; interviewing community leaders and monitoring their activities.

«SECINDEF has successfully integrated a cross-functional, multicultural and highly specialized team and put it at the service of public and private bodies alike.»

David Odalric Caixal i Mata, General Manager