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SECINDEF signs an agreement with an IDS-ISRAEL (Initiative Defense Solutions)

SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism, signs a collaboration agreement with IDS-Israel (Initiative Defense Solutions) to represent in Latin America and Europe a project of de-radicalization of jihadi profiles in prisons, carried out by Israel.


Since 2001, the world increasingly exposed to terror attacks, violence and acts of aggression generated by extreme radical groups.

What we do

I.D.S. specializes in process efficiency, less lethal solutions,  award winning de-radicalization  methodologies and minimization the use of force.

I.D.S. Field

I.D.S. have a proven track record in establishing well run prison systems & offensive policing:

• Reduced lawsuits by 60% in maximum security prisons

• Increased contraband seizures by 400% in six months

• Reduced violent attacks involving prisoners and prison guards by 80% within 6 months.

• Developed a proven capability to effect arrests and defuse violent  riots, while reducing  the use of force.