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Why Narendra Modi is So Relevant to India ?

India’s Prime Minister recently said that his fight is against Terrorism and Terrorists not against Kashmiris and Kashmir. To remind my readers I should add that India has been struggling and fighting with insurgency and terrorism problems in Kashmir region since its independence from British in 1947. Narendra Modi also said that his aggressive and large developmental policies will overhaul India. He added that when he and his government took over the governance in 2014 India was at the threshold of many corruptions and on brink of virtual economic collapse. This is true that Narendra Modi government in India and his Council of Ministers has launched thousands of schemes for public which are also getting implemented on ground, but many like John Elliot,who has recently come out  with a book called ‘ Implosion’  says otherwise and criticize for not fulfilling his promises made to public. However he predicted about Narendra Modi to become most power Prime Minister as early as in 2002.

Narendra Modi Government has come under scrutiny on several issues like Demonetzation,Cow Politics,Attacking Defense and Foreign Policy,Frequent Foreign Visits and many more but many believe that all this has yielded multifold results. While demonetization has washed out black money from  market,attacking defense and foreign policy( It indicates towards Surgical Strike commandoes of Indian Army  carried out in 2018 close to Pakistan borders inside Pakistani Territory) has brought back Indians and Indian Armies Morale to an all time high. His foreign visits to meet counterparts of respective countries has brought India on Global Center stage and hundreds of developmental deals. Narendra Modi is first Prime Minister who has met with his Chinese counterpart at more than couple of occasion and it has brought India and China closer. He got a grand welcome in USA and many other countries ,invited dozen of supreme political leaders to India which enhanced and revamped  India’s image as one of the fastest growing economy in the world and Narendra Modi was accorded as ninth most powerful political leader by USA’ s Forbes magazine.

Narendra Modi  has recently been criticized for an uninvited trip to then Pakistan Prime Minsiter’s daughter’s wedding a few years back but experts forget that it was his soft diplomacy to bring Pakistan on talks which Pakistan has been refusing. Recent attack on an Army convoy in Pulwama in Kashmir which killed 40 Armymen has worsened India’s relation with Pakistan at an all time low and Modi is under a litmus test situation but he successfully garnered the support of world community to warn Pakistan for its inaction on terrorist groups and China too joined condemning the attack in United Nation.

Only Yesterday when Narendra Modi visited “Kumbh” (Festival of Pitcher) in Holy City of Prayagraj he took a dip in river Ganges and and washed the feet of “Swachata Karmcharis-Sweepers) by his own hand.While it shows his seriousness to one of his Government’s mega scheme swatch bharat or Clean India, it may also be termed as his action which will attract lower class in India towards his party in General Elections 2019.

With General Elections on the head many believe that Narendra Modi is still relevant to India and he will return to power with a bang and India needs a political leader like him who can put India on a fast track development track.

Ratnesh Dwivedi Institutional Representative of SECINDEF (Security Intelligence and Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counterterrorism in the India and collaborating analyst of OCATRY (Observatory against the Terrorist Threat and the Jihadist Radicalization) Scholar,Amity School of Communication,Amity University,Uttar Pradesh,India. Journalist / Acdemic / Writer and NASA Certified Educator